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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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belt himself right in this same spot last 4th of july after she rolled over. he says cars sometimes go 60, 70 miles an hour down this country road and he says it is a big big problem. although police say that this crash, the crash right here, looks more like some kind of medical emergency than any kind of speeding. live in burtonsville, bruce johnson, wusa 9. >> it was truly terrible. neighbors say what they really want on the road is a speed camera. disturbing and graphing new information tonight in the july 4th stabbing death of american university graduate kevin sutherland, asking jasper be released from jail but stephanie ramirez was inside the courtroom and i am sure that did not go well with the judge. >> reporter: somebody gasped when they heard the attorney asking for him to be released
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possibly because wu know now spires the suspect was arrested a day or 2 before the fatal stabbing occurred, a brutal one we lurjed in charge-- learned in charging documents. 30-40 stab wounds, that is how many times 24-year-old kevin sutherland was stuck on a metro train in the middle of a day july 4 3-inch wound striking his heart and jasper spires wearing a white jump suit and chain around his belt cracked his smirk before turning his face to a wall. at least 4 witnesses saw the brutal stabbing, one describing a suspect with red colored bandanna ray ban sunglasses. it started when the suspect tried to take an item from kevin sutherland's waste believed to be a cell phone. he punched him to the floor hitting him with a black object
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and walking back to stomp on him were descriptions given to police. it was a dropped bag with spires's id and surveilliance yido of him running that helped-- video that helped match him to the crime. a family member doesn't believe spires is responsible. >> decent kind of guy as far as i can remember. >> reporter: shaun stuart is upset he didn't see spires's parents. >> if his family really cared no matter ifhy did it or-- he did it or not they should have been here. >> reporter: one said it was too difficult for other friends to attend. >> the friends of kevin sutherland are together remembering him in a positive way, remembering the life he lived and want to focus on the positive with kevin as we let the justice trausz play out. >> reporter: the charging documents do not say there is video of jasper committing the crime, we do know, though, he has other priors pending hearings that will happen in dc
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and maryland. outside dc superior court stephanie ramirez wusa 9 news. >> chilling details. to a developing story out montgomery county, round of frustration for residents in a high rise building. for the second time in 3 days an electrical fire has forced the residents out of their homes. peggy fox is there it is not clear what will happen tonight right? >> reporter: that is right. we have a thousand resident whose live here in building 11-11 of the university tower's condominium complex. because of an electrical fire this morning 1:30, same thing happened sunday. people are waiting for the all-clear but that may not happen tonight. now, let me tell you this. both electrical fires were in the basement area. apparently in the boiler room. with sudden loss of electricity some residents were trapped in elevators and had to be rescued.
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inside, no lights, no air conditioning mow working elevators. some residents-- no working elevators. some residents decided it was better to stay out. others had the option to stay inside. they could be forced out tonight. >> it is scary. >> just waiting. >> yes. >> fire protection system back in service people probably be able to stay. if they can't then we will evacuate the whole building. >> reporter: they need to have the pump working and also the alarm system in case there is a fire they can put it out. if those things are not in working order electricity not back on, then the fire department will evacuate the building. they have room in the neighboring building but we could have a mess. we have to keep you posted on this. i am peggy fox reporting live. >> thank you. it is hot out there tonight and we are getting ready for storms tomorrow. first alert chief meteorologist
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topper shutt joins us, top sounds like this could be big boomers. >> could be big boomers tomorrow. we get a break tonight. check out the temperatures. a lot of folks hit 90 today 90 at national, and my intern pointed this out we have not hit 90 in 13 days. so been a while since we hit 90. the first 90-degree reading of july. 90 downtown, plenty of upper 80s. 88 in frederick and 86 toward martinsburg, 88 toward hagerstown. the dew points drop decreasing humidity. feels like 93 downtown, 95 in leesburg and 90 in manassas. it is toasty, better to exercise in the morning than afternoons. 6:30, fair amount of clouds in the morning, that said, a dry commute for most of us.
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showers along i-81, light by 6:00 in the morning. 9:00 already 82. upper 70s in the suburbs 10:30 some showers possible to the west, this may be a little over done the cold front will be well to the west towards the panhandle. other than that the main activity will be in the afternoon. by 1:30, you see yellow showing up heavier convection and storms beginning to develop to the north. frederick, toward leesburg and along the east side of i-8t 1. we will talk-- 81. we will talk if the front will cool us off and a heat wave around the corner. now confirms 2 dead after a mid-air crash between f-16 and this plane few miles north of charleston south carolina, the pilot ejected safely but both victims on the sensna, they are
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beginning an investigation. the neighbors of a farm in charles county, maryland are on alert after somebody shot 2 dogs for no reason. on the farm in bryant town, maryland. our scott broom is there with an update. >> reporter: a picture of these two animals tells the story huge out pours for the thorn family and the folks at this farm. at first they thought these two dogs were lost. yesterday they found them dead here on a remote section of the farm apparently shot with precision by someone with a rifle who trespassed deep on to the property. a pair of labrador retrievers, ben ellie and bear went missing dound dead yesterday on a remote corner of the farm. one in a pasture another 150 yards away in the thick woods of zakaya swamp.
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>> very mean hearted person. >> reporter: owner cindy thorn is grieving. >> they are like family members. >> probably the most sweetest innocent dogs. >> reporter: that is son tyler thorn, those were officially his pets but really part of the fabric of this family. listen to neighbor joe web a dog lover talk about them. >> kids can play with them and everything and those dogs, they are friendly like that. i don't know what the problem is. somebody has a serious problem and we going to get to the bottom of this because we don't have it in this neck of the woods. >> reporter: on the facebook page where the thorn's announced the dogs' death hundreds of condolences. "it takes a cold-hearted individual to do something like this." the dogs buried at the entrance to the farm temporarily marked by a cedar pole. for the two labs mysteriously
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shot on their farm. >> i am literally in fear for the safety of all of us working on the farm and for the other animals i have on the farm. >> reporter: interesting when you look at all the facebook comments there are a lot of people on facebook all around the country reported similar incidents on their properties. the sheriff department is working on the case but sadly there are no solid leads right now for a case that not only includes killing the dogs but apparently trespassing deep on to the farm to do it. reporting live in maryland, scott broom wusa. >> takes a special kind of mean. the only circumstances that might justify shooting a dog in the eyes of the law that is, is if it is a threat to people or live stock, and clearly neither was the case at this farm. three badly injured after a fire at shah junior high on northwest, 2 in critical
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condition, another in serious condition. a spokesperson for dc public schools says he is nearly certain the building was not being used for any school activities. the flames are out but the school is significantly damaged. and we are still working to find out more about the victims. a bond hearing for the maryland state trooper charged with sex offenses. a judge set bond for tucker at $500,000 county police say a woman agreed to a sex act with tucker in exchange for money but tuck er pulled out a gun and demanded more. tucker has been with the state police for 18 years he is suspended without pay. new information tonight the case of a 16-year-old montgomery county student charged as an adult with rape. you may recall, the 19-year-old woman died shortly after the alleged attack right outside the county courthouse in rockville. turner is now out on bail and while confined to home detention with an ankle bracelet the judge
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says he can attend summer school. we have not heard if he is allowed back in the classroom and there is no cause of death for that young woman. he hasn't been arrested but the fbi raided the home of jered fogal in connection with a pornography investigation. moments ago we lunched subway will end its relationship with fogal while the investigation unfolds. agents had sealed warrants early this morning a reporter on the scene watched fogal enter a police truck twice. neighbors are surprised to see all the commotion. >> he was a private neighbor, for the most part. we didn't see him outside too much mostly family and wife but never really thought anything too strange. we figured he liked to remain private. really weird seeing this go on. >> that was ziensville, indiana. a few months ago officers arrested the former director of the gerald foundation in a child pornography case. >> we are just getting started
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on wusa 9 news at 5:00. the mother accused of leaving her baby on the side of a road heads to court. topper is back with what could be big storms in our forecast for tomorrow. we want to know about that. bill cosby's accusers are speaking out if court documents go public. i am marly with the latest. the latest on the bill to remove the confederate flag on
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sky 9 out over the after math of a house fire on howl road that was under construction, a worker recovering from burns to his face hands and arms and is
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expected to be okay. in south carolina, the house of representatives today gave first reading to a senate bill that would remove the confederate flag from the statehouse grounds. by a vote of 93-18 the house agreed to give a second reading to the bill on wednesday. today, civil rights activist jesse jackson was in town to meet with south carolina's governor, but not everybody wants change. >> there is a lot of hate, but more hope and healing. >> about heritage and honoring over 300,000 southern americans who, you know, bled and gave their lives. >> nicky hailey promises she will sign the bill to remove the flag if it reaches her desk. bill cosby's accusers are speaking out after newly unsealed documents reveal the comedian giving sedatives to at least one of the women who accused him of sexual assault. the deposition came from a 10-year-old lawsuit eventually settled. >> reporter: bill cosby's
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accusers say the comedian's admission in court documents he obtained powerful sedatives to give to women is proof they have been telling the truth. >> the haters that came forward that didn't believe he, now more is to be revealed. >> reporter: the 2005 deposition was filed by a former employee at temple university. a lawyer asked was it in your mind you were going to use these for young women you wanted to have sex with? the woman answered yes. former model janice dickenson is suing cosby for defamation, claiming his lawyer called her a liar after she publicly accused cosby last year. >> how dare they call her a liar when 10 years ago he admitted this under oath. >> reporter: lawyer harry lipman says it is unclear if the newly revealed depnition will do much
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legal damage-- deposition will do much legal damage. >> the testimony is not an admission that he misbehaved with record to any particular plaintiff. >> reporter: the 77-year-old cosby has denied the accusations and has never been criminally charged. marly hall cbs news, new york. >> the case was settled and documents sealed until the associated press argued to have them released. more than 2 dozen women have accused cosby of sexual miscondicate but the statute has expired on most of those. cosby, by the way has not responded to requests for comment. a quick clairification on the story of subway spokesman gerald fogal. they are suspending their relationship with him not ending it, as reported a few minutes ago. i hope you went hot today
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because, excuse me, it was hot out there. >> it is hot and we did go rather hot, actually. we are only 3 and 3 for the month of july. time to get going. >> batting 500. >> thank you thank you professor. thank you. lets take a look at the number we went. we went 92, i thought was certainly warm enough today. we will let you know at 11:00. now, right now live look outside, it is 90. so that is a good sign, right? it is, indeed. yes. dew point is just now slipped back to 60s which is almost bearable. the humidity 46% which isn't that bad. earlier, couple hours ago dew points were 72 and 73, a miserable evening. little better winds turn southwesterly. quiet but hot this evening. a cold front brings thunderstorms tomorrow primarily in the afternoon there could be a few morning showers but more so in the afternoon is the main event. we are going to monitor for yellow alert. right now i don't think it is
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severe enough or widespread to warrant a yellow alert. we will keep you posted. be prepared for a couple showers tomorrow. 10:00 tonight, walk the dog still 83 downtown. upper 70s still 79 in manassas and leesburg 78 in gathersburg and 79 luplata and 78, toasty, toasty night. by morning couple green blobs i think this is over done toward looezburg, toward i-81, i get that. by 9:00, 82 downtown, upper 70s elsewhere, couple showers popping up. they are all shades of green generally light so far. until the front gets involved. 1:00, couple showers possible, now mid to upper 80s. 5:00 you see yellow and oranges some of us are going to have moderate downpours to heavy downpours. 83 at 5:00, about 24 hours from
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now. and 80 in leesburg with showers and thunderstorms. temperatures are not going to fall off the table behind the front. most the showers will be south of dc down through the southern maryland and into culpeper and fredericksburg. tonight, partly cloudy, muggy lows 70s 10-15 miles an hour. partly sunny and warm. keep an isolated shower in but primarily north and west and really well north and west, 70s and 80s. by afternoon okay, partly sunny, breezy, ha, with showers-- hot, with showers and thunderstorms. 85-90, clouds keep us from the low 90s again. so the day planner 82 by 9:00, 86 at 11:00 and 87 by 1:00, we will keep it dry in the metro area the immediate metro area through 1:00. now, thursday, isolated storms, we are still 92 thursday behind the front never a good sign. 90 isolated thunderstorm possible on friday.
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next 7 days, saturday we removed thunderstorms but boosted the temperature a little, low 90s and looks what happens isolated storms sunday, monday, tuesday and mid 90s sunday, monday, tuesday. the nats are in baltimore friday. watch on 9 on friday and sunday up for the beltway series. profits are high but starbucks is still raising prices. we tell you why in tonight's consumer alert. a prominent local attorney is involved in a frighteni
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robin thick former attorney for darren went is making muse about a strange incident at the minnesota zoo. a bear picked up a basketball-sized rock and repeatedly slammed it at the window leaving the glass damaged but in place. sb nation reports he was one of the people at the other side of the glass. zoom workers say the window did what it was supposed to do. >> we designed the exhibit to withstand the bears and what they can do. everything else in the exhibit
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is pretty much concrete and steel, pretty indestructable. >> sb nation calls him one of the greatest sports hecklers of all time. we are learning dui arrest for donovan mcnabb, in gilbert arizona, he was influence of alcohol in a vehicle june 28, mcnabb was sited and released. >> in tonight alert dow finished 93 points, s&p up 12. we gave you a heads up yesterday but today is the day starbucks raised prices and you will see the increases up to 20 cents for most hot beverages. comes despite the prices coffee bean prices have fallen and starbucks profits are up nearly 20%. they say the increase is due to rising business costs including labor and rent expenses.
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get ready to pay more for wi-fi, a survey on says that service is what travelers look for more than any other option on vacation and apparently the more expensive the hotel the less likely you get it for free. some chains are doing away with it trying to make up for lost revenue in in-room calls and on demand movies. a historic break through with cuba, head of carnival cruise says his company received permission to set sale for the comnenest country. -- communist country. >> the cultural exchanges are areas of hearts and also in areas of food emersion and things that people would love to understand about a different culture. so it is an opportunity for americans to emerse themselves in cuban society. >> if cuba agrees to the cruises, the carnival cruises
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will be sailing on through starting in may of next year. straight ahead how maryland governor's larry hogan trying to keep the cost down when it comes to the purple line. it did not take much for a crook to rip off a ban in auralington. -- arlington. why this woman says she left her daugh
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that woman accused of abandoning her baby in pasadena, maryland appeared for a bond hearing. vanessa joins us with new information. >> reporter: there was a patch of formula here behind me marking the spot where the baby was found but that has since been washed away by the rain. tonight we are learning some new details about how that little girl ended up here on this street alone in the middle of the night. 26-year-old sandra mcclearly was mostly quiet when she stood in front of a judge in district court. >> we asked the judge to withhold her bail and the judge agreed. >> reporter: she is accused of abandoning her infant daughter. >> hear her cry. >> does she look like she is hurt? >> no, just steady crying. >> reporter: bishop found the
5:31 pm
little girl, she was in a car carrier and formula was spilled on drew avenue. >> i thank the lord i happened to be there and it wasn't someone else. >> reporter: mcclearly got into a physical altercation with the child's father when she got lost on the way to a party in pasadena. she removed the infant from the car seat base and placed her on the ground next to the passenger side of the vehicle. police say mr hall was next to the driver side of the vehicle when mcclearly pauled away. >> somebody got is responsible i think they are saying she blaming the father too. so if that is the case, both should be charged. >> reporter: the case will go to preliminary hearing or grand jury within the next 30 days. mccleary is charged with neglect of a minor and reckless endangerment and her daughter is
5:32 pm
in the child of services. >> mccleary is expected to go on trial for armed robbery in september. a man behind bars accused of shooting a taxi cab driver. investigators say 24-year-old lee digs after the cabby asks for payment following a ride from the station to hill mont drive in district heights. the cab driver is recovering from non-life threatening injuries. digs is charged with attempted seconddry murder. -- second degree murder. a bank robbery on north lee highway the suspect had scissors and got away with undisclosed amount of money. $5,000 reward is offered for clues that help to find him. we are getting a bit better idea about the purple line cuts that maryland governor larry hogan wants his office released
5:33 pm
the list of cuts, 43 in all. light rail line is supposed to link. one proposal includes a reduction in the state funding of the 16-mile project. legislation to allow terminally ilpatients to end their lives has stalled in california. the catholic church and other groups are strongly against it, they decided not to push it because they do not have the votes. 4 states allow doctors to sprieb life-ending drug-- prescribe life-ending drugs. the u.s. wants to keep iran from building up itsz nuclear program and iran wants economic sanctions lifted. details from the state department. >> reporter: negotiators in vienna austria need more time to work on a deal to curb iran's nuclear program. state department spokeswomanen issued a statement saying "we
5:34 pm
are frankly more concerned about the quality of the deal than the clock." she says what are calling tense moments as tuesday's deadline loomed but all sides agreed to say through friday. >> reporter: john kerry is hoping to deliver a deal by the end of the week but all sides agree there are sticking points, how to include sanctions and how much access to iranian nuclear sights. laura watched with a watch dog and says inspectors need access to every iranian sight including ones on military bases. >> the world community needs inspectors on the ground. they need access to locations. they need access to documentation. >> reporter: the u.s. wants access to iranian scientists working on the nuclear program but tyrann is reluctant after 5 scientists were killed when
5:35 pm
their identifies were revealed. craig becausewell cbs news, the state department. >> if a deal is reached before midnight thursday congress has 30 days to review it. if it is after that deadline lawmakers would have 60 days to review it, which means the white house cannot offer iran speedy economic benefits as part of this compromise. greece's president submitted proposals to the european counsel to deal with the country's financial process. the voters there overwhelming rejected the latest european bail out offer and unless it gets a big infusion of cash, greece could run out of money within days and i am reading on our washington post partner sight they have given 5 days to avoid bankruptcy. a woman who owns an italian hot chocolate business is offering a sweet deal for her grand mother's house in maryland. >> it will go to the person who pays the $100 entry fee and has
5:36 pm
a winning chocolate fee, she says she is doing it to honor her grand mother, a terrific baker who gave her inspiration to start or business. >> my grand mother was president of the homemaker's club, loved to cook, entertain and loved to see people happy. this is the reason i am doing this now. >> that home is 4411 hargrove road in temple hills. summer received more than 400 entries. you can find the website for submitting your entry at our website, >> might be fun to taste those recipe. florida state takes action against a quarterback punching a woman in a bar. two americans gored by bulls in spain. why this man used more than 100 balloons to lift him high in the air. it is hot across the metro area but dry. we have a break. the pollen, didn't get a break there. it is low for trees grass weeds, off the chance for mold
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spores you can always find it on our website at we will talk a cold front wha at perdue, we know fresh chicken. well, not that kind of fresh. but we do take extra steps in our farms, trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between... ... to bring you a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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imported chicken's been in the news a lot lately. for chicken that hasn't crossed an ocean look for perdue. we're the first company to have the usda verify that our chickens are raised in the usa. to bring your family a fresh-tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. trending now 2 americans and a britain are expected to be okay after being gored on day 1 of spain's running of the bulls.
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florida's mike websters was one of the victims gored in the armpit his 38th time running in 11 years. websters says he needs to talk to his wife again before deciding to run. really? 3 other americans were injured but not gored. i think 1 time to be gored would be enough. >> i think so. >> one risky adventure to another. trending on facebook, a calgary man arrested after using more than 100 balloons tied to a chair to lift him off the ground like that movie "up." the guy jumped from a chair with a parachute and landed in downtown calgary. apparently an attempt to bring attention to his cleaning products company. the 26-year-old is charged with 1 count of mischief, causing danger to life. >> only him though right? >> apparently. >> all right. the next story is a testimony to the fantastic set builders on a broadway show or
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the idiocy of an audience member. >> cast member tweeted before the hand to got show got started a guy jumped on the stage and plugged his phone into the ofake out-- the fake outlet on the set. another cast member said an electrical socket part of the play is not for you to charge your iphone. you know, just fyi. >> seems you would know that. every young athlete dreams of playing for the home town-- playing for the home town team, which represents the district on and off the field. >> a survey finds a big change in the way young people get work done. i am careena mitchell
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100% fiber optics is here. get out of the past. get fios. now for $79.99 a month. go online or call. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v police have no suspects and no motive as they look for clues to a shooting in oxen hill, it happened last night on chester street. they found the man suffering from several gunshot wounds and was in serious condition. a christian branch of pita is offering to replace a confederate theme stained glass window at the washington national cathedral in--
5:45 pm
cathedral installed in 1953. it shows lee and stonewall with the confederate flag in the background. the leader of the cathedral agrees it is time to remove that stained glass window. many millennials have never known a world without mobile devices. employers are faced to deal with younger works who want to text and use social media on the job. careena mitchell looks how this group is blurring the line between work time and personal time. >> reporter: 25-year-old jonathan perez always has his smart phone by his side, he says it makes juggling his job as quality analyst and personal life easier. >> like having your sneakers on every day. >> reporter: younger workers spent most of their life with mobile life at their finger tips and most don't want to stop texting at work. 60% of workers 18-34 say if their boss revented them from
5:46 pm
using a mobile device to take care of personal matters they would quit. >> i definitely would quit. >> reporter: it can be a distraction but experts say the hyperconnected shift is here to stay. >> many employer is looking to recruit this next generation workforce is absolutely going to have to understand these trends and is going to have to respond or they will lose the best employees of the future. >> reporter: the company where perez works analytics firm 80/60 is adapting to the reality managing partner alex lets employees use devices but regulates how much. >> how do you control that in a way to drive productivety is the learning experience we are going through. >> reporter: he says workers are mostly allowed to work on their own terms as long as they get all their work done. careena mitchell for cbs news, brooklyn new york. >> the survey also found balancing life can come at a price. 2/3 of those surveyed said they
5:47 pm
felt guilty at one time or another for dealing with a personal issue at work. florida state university has dismissed freshman quarterback deandre johnson after video surfaced showing him punching a woman in a tallahassee bar. the woman fellow student had facial injuries as a result of the incident that happened june 25. johnson has an attorney that helped get the accused murdering casey anthony acquitted. he says he is sorry and is in programs focused on battered woman. the actress who costarred with patrick dempsey in 80s high school movie has died, amanda peterson is known for her role in "can't buy me love." she was found det in her colorado-- dead in her colorado home. she was 43. >> young. last week we told you a bout a man killed by a gater
5:48 pm
rr-- gator. someone shot and killed the reptile and dumped at an arena. locals have seen plenty of smaller gators in the area but surprised to see a big one. an area alligator hunter has advice for people looking for a dip after sundown. >> don't jump in the water at night. could be a big gator around. don't do it. bring it to my house, skin it, and check in the belly. and see if there is any evidence in there. >> evidence. friends of the victim, 28-year-old tommy woodward remember a happy guy who liked talking to everybody. let everybody else in. >> somebody sent me a link youtube, a golfer, i assume he is going to get a golf ball. he decides the-- he decides foofirst throw his-- to first
5:49 pm
throw his towel over the gator's head then he goes back, stratals the tail. he bites his arm. it was just a golf ball. but entertaining. >> should have separation between you and a gator. >> you should. i think that is a good rule. your partner saying, you have to play that ball. liberal leave policy. taking a look outside nice out, hot yes but nice. still 90. dew point 60 little better deal than it was. winds picked up at least the atmosphere is stirring around. 24-hour temperature change, we are 2 degrees warmer right now than we were 24 hours ago but you can see much of the east coast is warmer and you can see much of ohio and back in the mid west is cooler and that is where the cold front is. so quiet but hot this evening cold front will bring thunderstorms tomorrow, yes a few morning showers but i think the main event will be in the late afternoon and evening. we are going to monitor for a
5:50 pm
yellow alert just haven't-- don't think it will be quite warrant a yell alert. look at the temperatures tonight, walking the dog 83, upper 70s in the suburbs. by morning futurecast producing a few showers north and west, i think 90% have a dry commute to work and whatever occurs, won't be heavy by any means. by 9:00, still 82 downtown, showers out along i-81. you folks towards hagerstown will have showers. 1:00, couple showers upper 80s despite the clouds. 1:00 and 5:00 showers increase, especially in the colors, the yellow and reds and oranges getting a little stronger. by 5:00, 83 downtown and upper 70s in the burbs. by 9:00, mostly showers gone. few leftover showers to the south and west, with temperatures still in the 70s. don't look for a shot of cool canadian air behind the cold
5:51 pm
front. not going to happen. tonight, partly cloudy, muggy lows in the 70s winds southwest 10-15, little breeze tonight. we are already 82 by. dry through 1:00 p.m. isolated showers thursday. 92. 90 friday with isolated storm as well. today we hit 90 for the first time in 13 days. that surprised me. saturday and sunday, low 90s on saturday keep the dry isolated storm on sunday, mid 90s and monday and tuesday we are in the mid 9s with isolated storms. -- mid 90s with isolated storms. do i have to do that again? saturday taking storms out isolated storms sunday. mid 90s monday and tuesday. got to wait for the bells. washington nationals have a
5:52 pm
native son on the roster, emanuel burresz used motivation from a mentor to fuel derequire to make the majors. more on the inside pitch. >> washington nationals infielder emanuel burresz is home first public school student to make the big legals since 1981, from shah northwest, debut with san francisco giants, and june 26 was called up by his home town team. >> being able to come home for this homecoming, a dream come true. >> he is district during the off season and helped children learn the game and connects with those that help him learn how to play. emanuel trains here at the dc baseball game academy in northwest each and every off season. antwan runs the academy and he tells a story when he drove
5:53 pm
burresz home and inadvertentant encouraged him. he said what are my chances of making the major leagues? i said 1 in a million. and it was almost like, you are saying i have a chance. >> that conversation stayed with emanuel to this day and dc's own went 1 in a million chance to playing minutes from where he grew up, for the washington nationals. for wusa 9 sports. >> so you are saying there is a chance. >> all it takes is a little chance to believe. >> he grew up here so didn't have a dc team to root for but his dad played at thedor high. nats continuing the series with cincinnati, the newest,
5:54 pm
scherzer on the mound we will hear more about that later in sports. a local congress wum is demanding answers following our report on tsa baggage theft. a collapse that killed one why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this. except this. go back, go back, go back, go back, go back, go back. fios custom tv lets you pay for the types of channels you want, not the ones you don't. 100% fiber optics is here. get out of the past. get fios. now for $79.99 a month. go online or call.
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a popular tourist destination in washington state became a death trap monday when
5:57 pm
chunks of ice fell on people inside a frozen cave. >> but as web tells us-- >> reporter: part of the big 4 ice caves collapsed 70 miles northeast of seattle at a tourist sight authorities warned was dangerous because of warm temperatures. >> temperatures are so dangerous, teams from mountain rescue and search and rescue volunteers are looking to see how safe it is. >> reporter: rescue choppers rushed those head lacerations and leg fractures. john was in there moments before the collapse and tried to help. >> they were definitely being troched to so they-- talked to, so they were responsive. >> reporter: the collapse came 1
5:58 pm
day after hiker sarah solamani captured video of a section crumbling. >> by looking at the cave, you could tell this is not a safe cave to get in. >> reporter: no one was hurt in that incident but in 201011-year-old grace tam was killed here when a chunk of ice the size of a mini van fell on her. the forest service has warned hikers not to go inside. brian webb, for cbs news. >> after all that, now the ice caves are shut down until further notice. tensions are high for about a thousand people living in a wheaten high rise without power. >> for the second time in 3 days the residents at 11-11 boulevard west were forced out of homes because of electrical fire. peggy fox joins us from wheaten
5:59 pm
and residents have to be frustrated and hot. >> reporter: absolutely. it has been a waiting game since noon. this is a 15-story condominium complex bit in the 50's. folks are scattered outside because it is too hot and too dark. a second electrical fire has caused another round of frustration. >> very hot, no electricity. >> we can't go to home. we need to go to bathroom. >> reporter: both fires were in the basement area. the sudden loss of electricity some residents were trapped in stopped elevators and had to be rescued. >> we had one next to where the fire occurred, the result was the same knocked power out. >> it is scary. >> just waiting. >> yes. >> reporter: inside there are no lights air conditioning, or
6:00 pm
working elevators. some residents decided it would be better to be outside. others optd to stay inside their-- opted to stay inside but that may change. >> the fire pump which allows us to pump water and provides water to the building for the fire protection system and alarm system. if they can't get resolution of that if they can't get that back on, not safe to occupy, we will evacuate the building. >> i can't be angry, opportunity to exercise patience. >> reporter: the rich people live on the penthouse on the 15th floor one said, but today everybody is equal. the fire department tells me if they can't get the recktricity working so the alarm system and fire-- electricity working so the alarm system and fire. >> hot and bothered. thank you. big storms could make a return to the reg


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